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Whitehat Rescue

Before we start, understand that:

I DO NOT reclaim NFTs. Also, I will never ask for your private key or seed
phrase through any web form or website. There might be a need to request
your private key later, but this will only be done through my official
email (, Twitter (@what_the_func) or Telegram (@ezynda3).
Please note that if the amount to recover is
less than $2000, I won’t be able to assist due to high gas and engineering
costs. Also, I can only help recover funds that haven’t been picked up by
the scammer or are time-delay locked; unfortunately, funds already claimed by
the scammer can’t be retrieved.

Standard procedures:

You will need to cover the transaction/gas related fees for the recovery
operation. If the recovery is successful, a 15-20% fee based on the total
recovery amount will be applied, which could vary depending on the
situation’s complexity and risk level. Tokens with tax mechanisms will incur
an additional 10% fee. Please be aware that I will not assist in recovering
assets from a private key someone else provided. You will need to verify direct
ownership of any wallet that you are requesting a rescue for.

About me:

I am a blockchain developer and a YouTube content creator who has been
educating fellow developers since 2017. On occasion, I use these skills to
help people recover funds lost to scams.


Upon filling out the form, you agree to assume all potential liabilities,
legal and otherwise, arising from an unsuccessful rescue attempt. While I
devote my maximum effort to recover your assets, I can’t guarantee success.
Making public posts about your situation may also attract more scammers to
reach out again.


You can start by filling out the form below and adding me on Telegram (@ezynda3), after
which you should wait for my response. Please stay vigilant to avoid falling
for scams again, particularly if you have shared your issue publicly.

1930 Village Center Circle
Las Vegas, NV, 89134
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