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We are specialized in developing state-of-the-art Web3 applications and your success is our business.

Our Services

Smart Contract Development

Web3 is powered by smart contracts, immutable pieces of code that perform actions only when certain conditions are met. Whether you want to create a DeFi protocol or NFT based gaming platform, we've got you covered.

Web3 Enabled Applications

Looking to take your existing applications to the next level? Many apps and services can benefit from integrating with various Web3 and blockchain technologies.

We've got the experience and know-how to help you future proof your existing applications or even help you create new Web3 enabled applications.

Decentralized Applictations

Web3 and blockchain technology has given rise to a new type of applications. It's now possible to build applications that cannot be "turned off" or censored by anyone. These applications can be accessed by anyone, at anytime, from anywwhere in the world.

Let us help you create your next censorship or downtime resistant application.

White Hat Wallet Rescue

Did your crypto keys or seedphrase get leaked or stolen? Accidents happen and it can happen to anyone. Sometimes, however, there may still be a window to rescue any tokens you have staked or locked.

We have the tools and expertise to defend your wallet and carefully extract your remaining assets so you don't suffer a total loss.

If you need your funds rescued, please fill out this form .

Our Tech-Stack

Over the past years we gained significant experience with leading frameworks and tools in the web3 development industry. Those tools are our reliable companions for building high quality software.


Our Products

Besides working together with our clients on their visions, we at Mark III Labs also craft our own products. We're keen to explore new markets and experiment with our ideas in order to work on products which we truly believe in.


A developer tool for smart contract developers creating complex upgradable smart contracts.


A multi-chain, smart contract, escrow payments platform.

Magic Together

A lossless lottery for $MAGIC token, the main token of the Treasure ecosystem.

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